Lightning Web Components Have Arrived!

Yesterday, I had the huge honor of being able to attend (in person) the official launch of Lightning Web Components. What a day! Only 250 people were invited to this event, and I was one of them. And for any of you that did not get a chance to tune in to the live broadcast,Continue reading “Lightning Web Components Have Arrived!”

New Way to Cache in Lightning Components

One of the best ways to gain performance in your Lightning pages is through caching. I have spoken and written about how one Lightning best practice is to use Storable Actions. This means data served up from your server side actions is cacheable and after they are accessed the first time, they are super fast toContinue reading “New Way to Cache in Lightning Components”

Relax, here are some important things to know about Lightning Web Components (LWC)

On December 13, 2018, Salesforce announced the upcoming release of Lightning Web Components at Salesforce World Tour in New York. In a nutshell, Lightning Web Components is a new programming model that represents a big shift in Salesforce development towards web components and modern JavaScript development. If you are an existing Salesforce developer, then thatContinue reading “Relax, here are some important things to know about Lightning Web Components (LWC)”

Modern JavaScript Development – What is it and why should I care?

Are you an experienced software developer? Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard at least once that you should learn more about JavaScript to remain relevant as a developer. You may have even heard the phrase “Modern JavaScript Development” tossed about like knowing what that means is just commonContinue reading “Modern JavaScript Development – What is it and why should I care?”

Lightning Component Best Practices at Florida Dreamin 2018

Thank you for everyone that attended my talk about Lightning Component Best Practices at Florida Dreamin. As promised, here is a link to the slide deck: Florida Dreamin 2018 – Lightning Tips. Hope it is super helpful to you. Don’t forget to also check out the other articles on this blog such as: Debugging LightningContinue reading “Lightning Component Best Practices at Florida Dreamin 2018”

Not to be missed Developer Content on Trailhead

Ok, I know I work for Trailhead and so I am a little bit biased, but I just have to say that we released some incredibly awesome developer-based content in September. If you are a serious Salesforce developer that has been waiting for some juicy content from Trailhead, I think you will really like whatContinue reading “Not to be missed Developer Content on Trailhead”

Does someone mentioning Artificial Intelligence make your pulse race?

It’s ok if it does. Most people – even the ones that “know” a thing or two about artificial intelligence are a bit nervous about it right now. Not only is there a lot of uncertainty, but there is just an over abundance of information out there. And not all of it is accurate. So,Continue reading “Does someone mentioning Artificial Intelligence make your pulse race?”

Check out the Salesforce API Explorer

In an attempt to make things easier for us developers, the Developer Relations group has created a nice little tool called the Salesforce API Explorer. What It Includes Now The first thing you should know about this tool is that it is still in Developer Preview and the team that created it is actively seekingContinue reading “Check out the Salesforce API Explorer”

Debugging Lightning Components with the Salesforce Lightning Inspector

Since Lightning Components are built with JavaScript, you can use standard browser development tools, such as the Chrome Developer Tools to debug your components. You can easily access the tools by right-clicking in your Chrome browser and clicking Inspect. You can learn more about the Dev Tools and how to debug with them from thisContinue reading “Debugging Lightning Components with the Salesforce Lightning Inspector”

Top 5 Lightning Debugging Tips

 This month I had the honor of speaking at Texas Dreamin’ 2018 . My topic was Lightning Performance and Debugging Tips for Developers. The talk was a combination of things I went over at last year’s Dreamforce talk about 5 ways to Build Lightning Fast Components and some new stuff I have learned recently about debugging.Continue reading “Top 5 Lightning Debugging Tips”