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Gotchas encountered when working with Lightning Connect and SQL Server Azure Databases


I recently published my first article for DeveloperForce about Accessing a SQL Server Azure Database with Lightning Connect. I had a lot of fun creating the database and application, but I did encounter several gotchas as I was working with this fairly new technology. This posting lists some of the issues I uncovered while working with SQL Server Azure and what you can do to avoid the problems I encountered. […]

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Curious about the Sara Has No Limits thing?

You may be wondering why I title my blog, “Sara Has No Limits”. One might guess that it has something to do with the limits that Salesforce imposes. Good guess, especially since I have now immersed myself into the world of Salesforce and development, but that actually has nothing to do with it. You see, I have been an independent software developer since 2005, and in 2009, I wrote […]

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Check Out the New Lightning Trailhead Challenge


Last Dreamforce (Oct. 2014), Salesforce announced a new interactive way of learning all about the platform through a new resource called Trailhead. I have reviewed a lot of online training platforms and I have to admit that Trailhead is the best free online resource I have ever seen. And just last week, they released a new training module on how to build modern apps using reusable Lightning components. What makes […]

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More about Receiving Emails Through Apex


The post I wrote once about Receiving and Sending Emails through Apex two years ago has continued to be the most popular post on this blog. So, for all of you that are obviously very interested in this subject, here are some more tips about working with Inbound Emails. In a follow-up post to this one, I will write more about what to consider when sending Outbound Emails. Creating the Inbound […]

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Check out the Free and Unrestricted Version of Visual Studio – Community 2013


I am an independent developer, so I am responsible for purchasing my own software. Hence one of the big reasons I have been so turned off by Microsoft in recent years. But, I am happy to say that Microsoft may finally be learning their lesson and truly turning a different cheek. In November of 2014, Microsoft announced a free and unrestricted version of Visual Studio 2013. The new version is […]

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Great FREE online class about Lightning

Learn more about Lightning Connect

SalesforceU, the people who bring you all the premier online and class-driven courses about Salesforce technologies, have just released a new online course that walks you through what you need to get started developing with Lightning. This is a beginner course, but since Lightning is so brand new this is a GREAT way to get up to speed quickly.  And in case you do not know, Lightning was announced at […]

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10 Days Free Unlimited Access to


As a author, I have access to their partner program which allows me to offer you all a free 10 day unlimited trial version of Unfortunatley, the only course they have about Salesforce right now is the beginner course I made about Developing with Visualforce, but they have a very vast library that contains some really terrific stuff. If you have never seen their stuff, I highly encourage […]

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Accessing Salesforce SOAP API through a Proxy Server with a .NET Service Reference


 If you need to access the Salesforce SOAP API through a proxy server using a .NET Service Reference, you may be confused about how to do this exactly. This would be needed if your .NET application needed to access Salesforce through a firewall. Unfortunately, there is precious little info out there on the Internet (especially when it comes to accessing Salesforce specifically) about how to do this precise thing, hence why […]

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I am officially a Salesforce Advanced Developer!


As Peter Chitum suggests in his well read article, The Path to the Advanced Developer Certification, when you do finally pass this arduous certification process you should, “Say it loud, say it proud“…. So, I am happy to announce that today I was informed that I have Passed the Advanced Developer Assignment and I am officially an Advanced Developer.  YEAH!!!! It took me one year longer than I expected, but […]

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Introduced in Winter 2013, Canvas offers a way to host non-native (aka, web applications within Salesforce. Using a signed request, applications developed with your language of choice (including .NET) can connect to Salesforce and access data without requiring the authenticated Salesforce user to also log in to your web application. I really like this technology because it opens up lots of opportunities for developers and allows shops with […]

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