New Upcoming Pluralsight Course on Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Aura Components

I am VERY happy to announce that I am very close to releasing a new Pluralsight course called “Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Aura Components”. Well, kind of a new course.

Upcoming New Pluralsight Course

It is a total re-write of my most popular course (so far), “Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Components: Getting Started“, which was released back in 2017. That was right before Salesforce DX was released and all the other modern developer tools that Salesforce now promotes (for very good reasons).

In this course, all those great shiny new tools will be used to build very simple Aura Lightning Components, as they are now called. The original course used the online Developer Console, which is what Trailhead uses in all their content about Aura Components. On Trailhead, the new tools are only used for Lightning Web Components.

So, if you want to learn about building Aura Components, while also embracing the new modern toolset, this course is perfect for you. And if you want to learn about Lightning Web Components (LWC’s), then you can check out the “Building Your First Lightning Web Component (LWC) for Salesforce” course that I released earlier this year.

Both courses use the new tools, like:

Salesforce DX

Salesforce Command Line Interface

Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Starting next week, I will be releasing a series of weekly blog posts that will feature what content will be covered in each Pluralsight module, followed by an announcement of the courses release.

So, keep an eye out for that.


  1. Frederick Lane says:

    Many thanks for the update and I hope you are still getting better? I enjoyed you most recent course as I studied literally day and night to get through it. A couple of obse4vations made by me and our fellow learners; could the individual module sizes be kept smaller in time. Like around 5 minutes? Is it possible to run some live webinars in order to create a build. Is it possible to create some simple example projects? e.g embedding a visualforce page, a simple guided-actions list, a simple page with fields and ‘on-pressed’ buttons?, something for mobile? Kind regards Frederick Lane

  2. Sara Morgan says:

    Nice to hear from you Frederick. I am feeling much better. I am glad you enjoyed the last course. The material covered is very challenging (I admit). Module sizes themselves, run about 15 – 35 minutes and clips should be 2 – 6 minutes. That is a Pluralsight recommendation, which I try to adhere to and may have gone a little long on a few clips in the last course, but I am trying to keep them as short as possible in this course.

    This course will be different since it is covering Aura and quite frankly Aura components (imho) are easier to learn about than LWC’s. I think of them as more akin to VF pages, where LWC’s are nothing like that. This new course will be very basic and will cover very simple components. I think it will be easier for viewers to follow too. I am even targeting junior developers and super Admins, suggesting that learning Aura would be a good first step towards learning LWC’s. Aura components are not going away any time soon. LWC’s still have too many limitations, quite frankly.

    Hope that helps. I may be doing different type of content for future courses and will definitely keep your comments in mind. Thank you so much for the feedback. I consider it all.

  3. Dharmesh T says:

    Sara, that’s great news! I hope you are doing good. I sincerely follow your posts and courses as well. I need to dig more on LWC part and LWC course will be very useful when I start working on projects; but I understood most of the topics since I have been working on Aura components now for a while.

    1. Sara Morgan says:

      Thank you for taking the time to reach out Dharmesh.

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