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Trailheads New Data Integration Specialist Superbadge is Super Fun!


I recently had the fortunate opportunity to provide early testing and feedback for the latest Superbadge released by Salesforce’s Trailhead. This one covers all the different aspects of being a data integration specialist. This includes being able to configure both inbound and outbound security, being able to synchronize Salesforce data with external systems, and creating test Apex classes to do both Apex REST and SOAP callouts. Even though I have […]

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Top 5 Lightning Tips for Visualforce Devs


#1- Transition does not have to be all or nothing For Visualforce Developers, when it comes to transitioning to Lightning development, it does not have to be an all or nothing deal. Very few development shops/companies will go from doing all Visualforce development to doing all Lightning development overnight. That is just not realistic, nor a good idea, in my opinion. The introduction of Lightning Out offered a lot of options for […]

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Natural Language Processing for JavaScript…Seriously


I would highly recommend anyone interested at all in Natural Language Processing (NLP) check out this newly released free course from the great folks at titled, “Natural Language Processing in Node.js“. This short, but sweet course by programmer/artist Hannah Davis is based on work she did on a project to translate literature into music. The project, named TransProse would read in text using the natural library, which is available as […]

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AI for Everyone? Kind of


Recently, Salesforce started a campaign concerning their latest product offering, Einstein. This campaign promises, “AI for Everyone”. That is quite a claim and Salesforce is certainly not the first to make it. As a self-proclaimed AI Enthusiast/junkie, I can say that I have seen this type of claim before. However, this is the first time that I think it might actually be somewhat possible. At least as far as a specific […]

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Passed the Salesforce Platform Developer I and II Transition Exam!!!


Woo Hoo!!!! I am VERY happy to announce that yesterday I passed the Salesforce Platform Developer I and II transition exam. This exam is offered to Advanced Developers that want to take an easy path to getting their Platform Developer certs. But, that does not mean this test is easy. The questions are scenario based (as you would expect) and do not test whether you memorized the material, but rather […]

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Winter 17: Replacing JavaScript Buttons With Lightning Actions


Winter 17 has introduced a whole bunch of new enhancements for Lightning and I will be blogging about a lot of them in the next few weeks, but one of my favorites is the new Lightning Actions that provide the ability to replace all those JavaScript buttons you may have littered about your org. Ok, now anyone that has an org with more than one JavaScript button, just read that […]

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Do this Salesforce Security Scan NOW!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.39.10 AM

Prior to about a week ago, if you went to this page and requested a Security Source Code Scan, you would have most likely gotten an error telling you that it could not be done and that you would need to submit a case. Luckily, Salesforce has resolved this issue and you can now simply go to the link above, enter your credentials and you will be able to scan […]

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Can’t Miss Salesforce Security Webinar Series


I know security is probably not your favorite subject. But these days, it seems like everyday there is another major story coming out about how some big company has a major security breach. A lot of companies use Salesforce because it is secure and trust is so important. But as a developer, you have to realize that there are MANY ways you can bypass all the terrific security features Salesforce has put […]

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The Eclipse IDE makes an Epic Comeback – with support for Lightning!!!


I was so happy to see recently that Salesforce was refocusing it’s efforts towards improving the Eclipse IDE. It has also now gone open source. But I was MOST pleased to see that the beta version now offers support for Lightning components. Developer Console is “ok”. Well, let’s be honest, as a serious development tool, it still sucks, although it is getting better with every release. There are also […]

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