Need to learn all about Lightning Web Components (LWC’s)?

For anyone brand new to the Salesforce Lightning Web Component Framework, learning about all this can be quite challenging. Late last year I released a Pluralsight course named, “Salesforce Lighting Web Components: The Big Picture“.

This Big Picture course was designed to slow things down and give you a high-level overview of all the pieces that make up the framework. In a nutshell, Lightning Web Components can be used to build trusted and highly performant web apps that use Salesforce data to run anywhere.

In an effort to expose more developers to this powerful framework, I have put together the following promotional preview video that you can watch for free on this blog. I hope it helps give you a better and bigger picture of all that LWC’s have to offer.

Salesforce Lightning Web Components: The Big Picture

4 thoughts on “Need to learn all about Lightning Web Components (LWC’s)?

  1. Hi Frederick.

    Nice to hear from you. I have two courses about to come out. The first, which should be released in the next 2 – 3 weeks is about Customizing Community Cloud with code. The second, which should be released in March is all about handling events in LWC’s. I will be posting about it here when they are both released.

    After that, I can’t say for now. Pluralsight has the final say in what I can create. I may or may not be covering Lightning Flow designer. Can’t say for sure, but I will try to each out if I learn that is the case

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