Heads Up: Custom Home Page Components Using iFrames may stop working in Summer 15

In preparation for my upcoming Visualforce course on Lynda, I discovered something that I think may have a big impact on some people out there that are using iFrames to embed a Visualforce page in the Sidebar. I have seen this technique used by several people over the years to display data in the sidebarContinue reading “Heads Up: Custom Home Page Components Using iFrames may stop working in Summer 15”

Speaking at Dreamforce 2014

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting a session at the 2014 Dreamforce Developer Track entitled, “Career Strategies for Developers Transitioning to Salesforce“. The main goal for this session is to offer practical ways that experienced developers that are just new to Salesforce can transition their skills to the platform. I wouldContinue reading “Speaking at Dreamforce 2014”

Top 5 Tips for Improving Visualforce Pages

#1 – Reduce or eliminate view state   View State is not your friend when it comes to page performance, so if you do not need it (as in your page does need to persist data between page requests), then do not use it at all. This is especially true for pages that will run onContinue reading “Top 5 Tips for Improving Visualforce Pages”

Considerations when using Javascript in Visualforce

As part of my research for the new Lynda.com course I am doing on Visualforce, I have been going through posts on the Salesforce forums. I ran across this one in which the poster was asking what was the best way to select multiple checkboxes on a Visualforce page when a “Check All” checkbox wasContinue reading “Considerations when using Javascript in Visualforce”

HUGE Backlog for Registration of the Advanced Developer Programming Assignment

Bad news for anyone pursuing the Advanced Developer Certification. There is such a huge backlog, that I was just informed that I will not be able to register for the June, 2014 programming assignment as I had been expecting. Because of the backlog, I will now not be able to register until September, 2014. ThatContinue reading “HUGE Backlog for Registration of the Advanced Developer Programming Assignment”

Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers

I just watched a Pluralsight course that I think EVERY software developer should watch. It is for developers brand new to the field, those that have been developing for only a few years, and those that have been developing for many years. The course is general and non-technical, but is highly informative, extremely insightful, andContinue reading “Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers”

Back up your Phone Right NOW!!!!

Last Friday evening, I stopped at a local convenience store for just a few seconds. Twenty minutes later, I reached towards my phone cradle to make a call and realized my phone was gone. Stolen, you ask? It certainly appeared that way. I acted quickly. I returned home and immediately called my carrier to reportContinue reading “Back up your Phone Right NOW!!!!”

Comparing the Force.com SOAP API to the New Salesforce Toolkit for .NET

Last week I sat in on a webinar titled, “Build Customer Centric Applications Using the Salesforce Toolkit for .NET“, presented by Wade Wegner and Richard Seroter. As a .NET developer, I was excited to see a new way of connecting Salesforce via .NET. But, I was REALLY excited when I heard that the new toolkit wasContinue reading “Comparing the Force.com SOAP API to the New Salesforce Toolkit for .NET”

Approved as a new Lynda.com Author

I just got word that I have been approved to be a new Lynda.com author! They want me to design a series of courses on Salesforce development. They currently have none, so this is very exciting. One of the things I really like about Lynda.com is their commitment to high-quality productions. They are leaders inContinue reading “Approved as a new Lynda.com Author”

Finally Passed the Advanced Developer Multiple Choice Exam!!!

This is no April’s Fool joke. Yesterday, I finally passed the Salesforce Advanced Developer Multiple choice exam!!! It was my second attempt. The first attempt was 6 months ago, but I now know that I was not ready then, so it was a good thing that I did not pass. Back then, I barely knewContinue reading “Finally Passed the Advanced Developer Multiple Choice Exam!!!”