Check out Node.js Tools For Visual Studio

There is no question that Node.js is here to stay and thankfully, Microsoft recognizes this too. They recently released Node.js Tools for Visual Studio which addresses many of the pain points that exist with working with Node.js. The tools are entirely open source and available here on GitHubnodejs

Since Microsoft graciously released Visual Studio Community Version last year as a FREE and fully versioned copy of Visual Studio, you can install the Node.js tools for FREE and get started building cool Node.js solutions right away. If you are already doing Node.js development or even thinking about getting started, you really need to check out these tools.

The Tools offer templates to get you started (see Image below), but the really cool thing about the new tools is the fact that you can do debugging by setting breakpoints in your code and stop execution on the fly. Anyone that has struggled with trying to debug a Node.js application will immediately see how valuable this can be. They also have a neat profiling tool and remarkably intellisense for code completion. Basically all the nice features that have spoiled Visual Studio developers for years.


There is a GREAT video on Channel 9, in which one of the Node.js tools programmers was interviewed and did a walk through of all the cool new features of the Node.js Tools. I strongly suggest that you check it out before diving in.

Have fun and let me know what you think about it.

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