Book Review of “The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things”

SilentIntelligenceI recently had the pleasure of reading, “The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things”. This book was written by two machine to machine (M2M) experts who incorporated their own hard earned experiences along with the opinions of over thirty industry experts.

If you are on the fence about the Internet of Things (IOT) and not sure if this is just some trendy fad, then this is the book for you. It will definitely make you a believer and get you excited and slightly prepared for all the good stuff to come.

And if you are a Salesforce developer, have no fear, you have the right skills to capitalize on this soon to explode market. The cloud, and in particular the platform is in the perfect position to handle and benefit from all the data that will be streaming in from these devices. As Steve Pazol, of nPhase and Qualcomm says:

“At the end of the day, M2M is really about data. You’re getting data off devices or sensors that have been hard to get, but once it’s in the cloud, it’d data. So all the data tools, if it’s big data or any kind of business intelligence software, all that stuff is applicable”.

After reading that you should definitely be thinking about Wave and all that will be possible once all that IOT data makes it to the platform.

Ok, so once you read this and decide that you undoubtedly want to learn more, check out Pat Patterson and Reid Carlberg’s excellent posts on DeveloperForce about IOT and the platform specifically. Have fun!!!

2 thoughts on “Book Review of “The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things”

  1. Sarah thanks for this great recommendation. IoT is slowly gaining ground and is perfectly poised to be the next big thing. As you said SFDC developers are at an advantage to quickly adapt to this. One interesting thing I read is about how Android is seen as the best OS to power most of these devices. So it wont hurt to learn that as well. For starters, I am hoping to push some data from my FitBit device into my developer org.

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