What’s hot in tech? Reviewing the latest ThoughtWorks Radar

Great reference to a website that helps you stay current in this crazy moving fast industry.

Richard Seroter's Architecture Musings

I don’t know how you all keep up with technology nowadays. Has there ever been such a rapid rate of change in fundamental areas? To stay current, one can attend the occasional conference, stay glued to Twitter, or voraciously follow tech sites like The New Stack, InfoQ, and ReadWrite. If you’re overwhelmed with all that’s happening and don’t know what to do, you should check out the twice-yearly ThoughtWorks RadarIn this post, I’ll take a quick walk through some of the highlights.


The Radar looks at trends in Technologies, Platforms, Tools, and Languages/Frameworks. For each focus area, they categorize things as “adopt”  (use it now), “trial” (try it and make sure it’s a fit for your org), “assess” (explore to understand the impact), and “hold” (don’t touch with a ten foot pole – just kidding).

ThoughtWorks has a pretty good track record of trend spotting…

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