Updates to the Force.com Toolkit for .NET

Almost two years ago, DeveloperForce released a REST-based toolkit that offered an easy way for .NET developers to connect with the Force.com & Chatter REST API’s.

Since then, the toolkits creator has unfortunately left Salesforce, but lucky for us all, that has not stopped development. Thankfully, the newly formed alliance between Salesforce and Microsoft (along with some great pull requests made by the open source community) has allowed the update of this fantastic toolkit to continue.

There have been several big changes made to the toolkit in the past few months.

You should know that all these changes are part of the latest NuGet package, which you can update by going into Package Manager and clicking the Update button for the DeveloperForce.Force package. As you can see from the image below, the last publish was on 11/12/2015.


One of my favorite new features is:

  • Ability to execute SOSL queries – This capability was provided by a pull request from Jerad Clingerman in August, in which he added the SearchAsync method. So now, you can do a search using code such as this:
var test = await client.SearchAsync<Contact>("FIND {617*} in Phone FIELDS RETURNING Contact(Id, FirstName, Lastname, Email, Phone, MobilePhone)");

Unfortunately, there is still no substantial documentation for how to use the toolkit. If you have a question about usage then your best resource is to look at the functional tests which are available here:

You can also check out a series of articles I wrote for DeveloperForce that was called Nothin but.NET. In this 6 part series, I go as deep as I could into how to use the Toolkit. It should be enough to get you started.


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