Heads Up: Custom Home Page Components Using iFrames may stop working in Summer 15

In preparation for my upcoming Visualforce course on Lynda, I discovered something that I think may have a big impact on some people out there that are using iFrames to embed a Visualforce page in the Sidebar. I have seen this technique used by several people over the years to display data in the sidebar and up until just recently the only way to accomplish this was to create a Home Page Component that referenced a Visualforce page using an iFrame. It was kind of a kludgy thing (sort of a hack really, so I am not surprised to see it go). I even wrote about this in a post back in November.

Well, with the Summer 14 release, there were big changes to how the HTML code is handled for these components. If you go to create a component now, you will not find a “Show HTML” checkbox that used to appear at the top right of the Rich text editor. The only exception to this will be if you created a component prior to Summer 14 that did contain Javascript or an iFrame. These components are still supported and will display the old editor (FOR THE TIME BEING!!!!).

BUT, the release notes clearly state the following:

In Summer ’15 we will start removing unsupported code from HTML Area home page components. As a result, components that contain JavaScript, CSS, iframes, or other unsupported markup might stop working properly. To use JavaScript or other advanced HTML elements in your home page component, we recommend that you use a Visualforce Area component instead.

This means that all those orgs that are using this technique may find their pages not working at all next year. You might want to check out SidebarSummarywhether your org has any Visualforce pages or even S-Controls that are still using iFrames, or JavaScript in the Home page component and make a plan to change them over to using the newly available Visualforce Area as the Component type. It really is cool and makes creating these type of components much easier. It is an improvement, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of it.

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