Speaking at Dreamforce 2014

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting a session at the 2014 Dreamforce Developer Track entitled, “Career DreamforceStrategies for Developers Transitioning to Salesforce“. The main goal for this session is to offer practical ways that experienced developers that are just new to Salesforce can transition their skills to the platform.

I would love to hear from any of you that may be facing this unique challenge – either to share with me your experiences or to just tell me what you would like to learn. Please feel free to contact me through this blog with ANY feedback you may have. All feedback is welcome as I want this to be coming from multiple perspectives. Just go to the About Sara page and submit the contact form and I promise to get back to you quickly.

I really think this a chance to talk openly about something that is not often spoken of and I hope to answer the following questions:

How do you successfully capitalize on your existing development skills when moving to a new platform such as Salesforce?


What resources can you access to help you make the most of your transition?


4 thoughts on “Speaking at Dreamforce 2014

  1. Hello Sara,
    I am absolutely going to come and listen to your talk. I can relate to your topic as I am in the latter stages of this switch right now. I am a long time JAVA enterprise developer. I learned SF1, VFRemoting, and some Apex the week after last Dreamforce – self taught and on my vacation. In the Spring, I attended DEV401 and DEV501 classes to learn Force, Apex, VF Pages, and VF Controllers. I certified earlier this summer and am studying for the DEV501 exam now. I started developing production salesforce code three months back. I am very fortunate to work with an experienced and dedicated salesforce development team which has really helped accelerated the transition. Feel free to use any of this in your talk and I would certainly be willing to share more if you are interested. Super excited for you and your opportunity. Now I really can’t wait for DF2014!!

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks Jason for getting in touch. I would love to get more info from you about your experience. Sorry so long for the response. I am doing some work for Salesforce and it has been keeping me very busy. But, I hope to start preparing for the talk soon. Could you contact me through my About Sara Morgan page and send me your contact info?


  3. I really enjoyed your talk at Dreamforce, Sara! I am a freelance programmer living in a rural area with exclusively remote clients, so was encouraged to see that you are doing something similar, and enjoying such success. Thanks for speaking!

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