Moving to Lightning? Should you learn about Aura or LWC?

Image Source: SpringML

I have had a few people ask me this question and I think it is a good one, so I wanted to answer it in a post. First of all, for anyone not sure what the difference is between Aura and LWC, you might want to checkout this post I did.

As for the answer….wait for it…..It depends. It depends on:

  1. How experienced you as a Developer or Admin with JavaScript and HTML5. If you are very experienced and have even done work with React or Angular, then I would suggest starting with LWC’s.
  2. If you are not very experienced with modern JavaScript or HTML5, nor are you very experienced with modern development tools such as Visual Studio Code, Command Line Interfaces, GitHub, then I would start with Aura components. My latest Pluralsight course will get you up to speed on the new modern development tools that Salesforce offers. Once you feel comfortable suing these tools, then your transition to LWC’s will be much easier.
  3. Like Salesforce, I do think that LWC’s are the better alternative in terms of component performance, but if all you need to build are very simple components, then there is no reason why you cannot start with Aura and transition to LWC’s. To be entirely honest, LWC’s are more challenging to create for developers that do not fall into the first category I described.

I hope this post helps anyone not sure about which technology to approach first. Feel free to reach out to me if you have additional questions or concerns.



  1. Indeed. I learn Aura because my org has traditionally done so but I head off down the LWC road and emrace the Salesforce Lightning Design System as well as becoming strong at CSS so that my components look great. To get the flows in the background working well, I want to also want learn Flow Design. Such a great intuitive tool.

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