Post 5 – Building Your First Lightning Web Component for Salesforce Series

This will be the fifth of a series of posts I will be doing over the next few weeks. They will all lead up to the introduction of my new course in January 2020 titled, “Building Your First Lightning Web Component for Salesforce” from Pluralsight. These posts will contain final code snippets of the code used in each course module, but will not include all the tips and best practices about using Visual Studio Code and SFDX, along with the way I personally approach teaching in my video courses.

Converting Aura Components to Lightning Web Components

In this module, I will be sharing things I learned based on mistakes I made when I first converted an Aura app to LWC’s. This was the result of that attempt.

For a while I intended to use what I did in that first converted app for this course, but luckily for you, I did not. Instead, I contacted my friend Kevin Hill (@KevinJHill) at Salesforce and he volunteered to review my app. He politely suggested that I make a few changes and thank goodness I did.

The biggest mistake I made was not fully accepting this inevitable truth at first:

“The LWC programming model is fundamentally different than the Aura model”

That message is so important to your success with LWC’s, so here it is again:

I did finally accept this and therefore re-designed the solution I ended up using for this course. The version I will show in the course may look similar to the original version, but underneath it is different and if you watch the course you will even get to see performance results that demonstrate that.

The talented developers at Salesforce (which included Kevin Hill and many others), did an incredible job creating Lightning Web Components. If you attempt to just blindly convert an Aura app to an LWC without accepting that the programming model is different, then you will not get the performance advantages that it provides. And imho, that is like spitting in the face of those GREAT developers at Salesforce.

So, please do not do that. And I hope you watch my course when it is released soon. It is almost finished.

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