Develop an Account Geolocation App with Lightning Web Components

So, here is a link to the code for the revised version of the Account Geolocation app. I understand that if you are new to LWC, this could be a little overwhelming, but the good news is that the course I am working on for Pluralsight right now will feature a very similar LWC app that I will walk you step by step through building yourself. Everything will be explained in time, I promise. So, stay tuned…

Trailhead offers a wonderful app created with Aura components that displays account search results on a map. Well, in preparation for the LWC course I am doing for Pluralsight, I decided to create a version using Lightning Web Components instead. This will be similar (NOTE: not the same) as the sample application that I will walk viewers through creating in the course.

I will try to put out as many posts as I can that show you the code (a little at a time), but the course is where you will get the most knowledge of all the great things I learned about LWC while converting it, so I hope you will stay tuned for that.

Now, here is what the LWC version looks like. And please do not immediately post a comment to say that it looks exactly like the Aura component version. That was the point. It was a conversion, so I made it look the same, but behind the scenes it is VERY different:

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 6.03.58 AM.png

Now, the app I will be walking the viewer through creating will be similar to this one, but different. And you will just have to wait to see that version (after all, this is supposed to be a teaser post 🙂





15 thoughts on “Develop an Account Geolocation App with Lightning Web Components

  1. Great idea Sara. May i also suggest doing the build using Visual Studio Code. Because this is being heavily promoted by SDC now. I see it’s so powerful too because you can built, test, share using Github whether your\’re in a Dev org or a full sandbox But! V.S Code has a difficult configuration to get used to and no-one (inc Trailhead) really explains it sufficiently. For example, which extension to load into it, how to set up Java Run time, launching the Dev heb and Scratch org etc etc.

  2. Hi Sara,

    Back in the days, your lightning courses on plurlsight were very helpful, thank you so much for those wonderful courses, could you please suggest when should we expect your LWC courses there?

    Thank you

    1. I am hoping to have it finished by first week in November, but I am a bit behind. I have a regular job and I am still recovering from a Traumatic brain injury, so I have to watch how much I do during a day since I can become completely exhausted quite easily.

      1. Hi Frederick, Yes, things are going VERY well. I am soooo proud about how it is coming out. I will be sending posts out soon that explain the delay, but also I think justify that it was worth the wait. You should start seeing posts in the next two weeks. Thanks for checking though.

      2. Hi Sara. How is it going. Are you able to get time on this matter yet? Maybe a Google hangout or a webinar on V.S Code installation?

      3. I don’t understand. You have still not even installed VS Code?

        I thought I gave you the revised instructions in that other post. If you are still having problems, I do not know what the problem is and I would suggest that you post something on stack exchange.

        I am not available for personal support. I am working full time, recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (in which I am still suffering from daily headaches, and nausea) and I am trying to produce a course and raise a family as a single mother. I am a little slower, but doing the BEST I possibly can.

      4. Thanks Sara,
        Sorry, I didn’t mean individual support. I meant actually, as a webinar or Hangout offer for the pre-launch of the course so everyone can get their system set up and ready to go? I think the course you are running will be a huge success and I will promote it as much as I can too.

  3. We spoke a little about Visual Studio Code. I think, in order to help people focus immediately on the course, you could help everyone set up their V.S Code app, extensions, Java runtime, mapping to a local file and also, GitHub . All these things take time and stop us from getting on with the building og LC’s.

  4. Yes, I understand Frederick and I appreciate your suggestion. i do intend to cover a lot more in the actual course, but you must understand that I am a bit behind. I have a regular job and I am still recovering from a Traumatic brain injury, so I have to watch how much I do during a day since I can become completely exhausted quite easily. I will try to be as helpful as I can, but I can only work on the course during the weekends and for limited amounts of time unfortunately. That said, this weekend, I will try to re-create the Java runtime issue you are having and if I find a solution, I will post a reply.

  5. a. I totally understand. I only advise so that your course has traction. And VS Code, as wonderful as it is, can be awkward to get used to. e.g setting up OAuth on our dev or, getting Scartch orgs to launch etc

    1. Hi Frederick.. I apologize that my original post did not have more helpful instructions. I am about to make a revision, but wanted you to be aware of this first. If you look here,, you will see that you want to change the setting to the full pathname of your Java Runtime. Do not set it to the Java executable itself.I noticed that in your screenshot of the settings, you were pointing to the bin folder. Try changing that and restarting VS Code and see if that does not resolve your problem.

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