Check Out Lightning Component Development Best Practices on Pluralsight


I am so happy to announce that my third course about Lightning Component Development Best Practices was published on Pluralsight last night.

I worked extra hard on this course and have spent every weekend for the past 6 months toiling over every little thing I included. I am really hoping that effort shows through and I would love to hear your feedback (good or bad). All feedback is welcome. The good stuff makes me feel good and the bad stuff makes me better, so it’s all good.

Here is the description for the course and a listing of the specific things it covers:

Are your Lightning Components performing at the best level they can? Are they secure? Will they scale well as you start to build more complex Lightning Applications? In this course, Lightning Component Development Best Practices, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and more. First, you’ll find out what simple best practices you can incorporate to improve client-side rendering. Next, you’ll learn how to enhance server-side efficiency. Finally, you’ll discover what you can do to ensure your components are secure. When you are finished with this course, you’ll have the confidence to build Lightning Components that run “Lightning Fast”.


  • Improving Client-Side Performance
  • Enhancing Efficiency on the Server
  • Reusing Code in Complex Applications
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Inter-Component Communication
  • Enforcing Security and Mistakes to Next Make





4 thoughts on “Check Out Lightning Component Development Best Practices on Pluralsight

  1. This is a great course! It’s a great overview of Lightning Component development. For me it’s been a great opportunity to have many threads of what I’m learning come together

    I do have a question about the revised ListRacesController, though. I get an error that the ‘races’ variable does not exist. (Line 13 of the controller.) I’ve tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue, but my knowledge is too limited at this point.

    Any tips?

    1. Hi Josh,
      Thanks for the feedback. I am glad the course if helpful to you.
      So, what part of the course are you on that you are getting this error. Honestly, I am working for the Trailhead team now and have not looked at that code in so many weeks that it is completley out of my brain. Let me know where you are in the course where you are getting the error. Thanks again for reaching out.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me Sara. I completely understand! (And congratulations on starting work with the Trailhead team! That’s awesome.)

        I’m happy to say, I was able to find the answer last night as I was skimming one of the lessons in the next module. (And it was a simple issue!)

        The code is in the revised version of the ListRacesController Apex controller in the last full video of the ‘Improve Client-Side Performance’ module. (I hope that makes sense!)

        The controller is being revised to account for the pagination added to the ListRacesV2 component. During the code walkthrough, the last line of the PageResult innerclass isn’t visible on the screen. The line not visible is:

        public List races { get;set; }

        When I saw it on a video in the next section, it made perfect sense!

        So, if anyone else runs into this, the complete PageResult innerclass is:

        public class PageResult {
        public Integer pageSize { get;set; }

        public Integer page { get;set; }

        public Integer total { get;set; }

        public List races { get;set; }

        And, to be clear, this obviously isn’t an issue with the code itself; it’s just an issue with how much is visible in the walkthrough. In a way, it’s a great opportunity for newbies like me to have to think about what that last line should be.

      2. Hi again Josh,

        Great work on tracking down the issue and I can see where that was confusing to you. If I ever get a chance to make modifications to that course (which I might), I will be sure and make sure all that code is available in the walk though.

        I think the code solutions are available for download from Pluralsight, but not everyone has access to that and even if they did, they would not think to look probably. I am hoping this will be helpful to anyone watching the course that encounters the same problem and does a search for the answer., so super BIG kudos for that!!!


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