Natural Language Processing for JavaScript…Seriously

nlp.pngI would highly recommend anyone interested at all in Natural Language Processing (NLP) check out this newly released free course from the great folks at titled, “Natural Language Processing in Node.js“.

This short, but sweet course by programmer/artist Hannah Davis is based on work she did on a project to translate literature into music. The project, named TransProse would read in text using the natural library, which is available as open source here.

Hannah’s course gets straight to the point and shows you very quickly how you can start parsing text using the natural library and then do all sorts of things with it such as locating similar words, tagging parts of speech, and even classifying text into categories with machine learning.

The entire course takes only 38 minutes to watch. 

Come on. You can take the time to watch it.

But hurry, because it is only free until December 19th, as part of several courses is relasing for it’s 10 days of Giftmas.



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