Check out the Free and Unrestricted Version of Visual Studio – Community 2013

VSI am an independent developer, so I am responsible for purchasing my own software. Hence one of the big reasons I have been so turned off by Microsoft in recent years. But, I am happy to say that Microsoft may finally be learning their lesson and truly turning a different cheek.

In November of 2014, Microsoft announced a free and unrestricted version of Visual Studio 2013. The new version is named Visual Studio Community 2013 and it is a full featured IDE for free – no kidding, it’s free.

There is a slight catch. You can not use it in an Enterprise setting, but come one, that is fair. If you are working in an enterprise, you do not need a free version. But for all of us that work outside Corporate America, a free and unrestricted version is like a god send.

So, thank you Microsoft. I may have judged you too harshly in the past. I consider this version of Visual Studio a peace offering. And, I look forward to seeing the free Community version of Visual Studio 2015 when it is released.


  1. jsonhammerle says:

    Very cool. I recently downloaded an Ultimate 2013 trial on my home iMac — running parallels 🙂 — to experiment with writing OData services on Azure. I was wondering what to do at trial end and now I know. Thank you, Sara!!

    1. Sara Morgan says:

      You and me both. My Ultimate version had already expired and I was about to create a whole new Microsoft account just so I could download a fresh version, when I discovered this. It really is about time. Glad it helped out.

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