Approved as a new Author

lynda_logo1k-d_72x72I just got word that I have been approved to be a new author! They want me to design a series of courses on Salesforce development. They currently have none, so this is very exciting. One of the things I really like about is their commitment to high-quality productions. They are leaders in the area of online video training.

The first course will likely be very introductory (such as “Up and Running with Visualforce Development”).  If you have suggestions for areas you think I should cover, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment to this post or to send me a message directly though my contact form.

I will be sure and announce when the course is approved and of course, when it is released. Until then, please send me your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Approved as a new Author

  1. As per my understanding many people would have started their understanding on web development from basic HTML development. hence, it would be great if you can co-relate the concepts then that would make life easier.

    1. Hi Aruna,

      That is a GREAT suggestion and I agree with you. The first course is going to be very basic and introductory and I am in the process of writing the script for the class now. I will definitely keep your comment in mind as I am finishing it. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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