Surviving Big Tech – Post 1

In this series, I will be getting personal. I will be sharing stories of major events (with lots of candor) that led to my career in this industry. A career which you may eventually be surprised to learn I am still extremely grateful to be a part of. Take what you like and leave the rest please.

Humble Beginnings

When I was a child, I visited this place – located less than an hour from my home in Southern Louisiana. It is a former plantation and you will be grateful to know that this post has nothing to do with it’s history. It is just representative of the mindset and culture that dominated where I grew up. Enough said.

At an early age I quickly realized that I did not belong here. I was actually born in Manhattan New York. But, for various reasons my parents moved to this place when I was a young child and this is where I grew up and where my family continues to reside. I LOVE my family and that is why I have remained here. Enough said about that.

Pretty girls in Louisiana were not valued for their intellect. I knew that. So I hid mine – all through school until college. As a result, I scored terrible on the math portion of the ACT.

Entering College, I was desperate for something meaningful, as well as some money. I had neither at that time. Unfortunately, because I had scored so badly on the math portion of the ACT, my college advisor actually told me not to pick any major that was math oriented. By that age, I was pissed and defiant. I was not accepting that outcome.

I passed on the counselors well meaning advice and immersed myself in math classes. I had to start with remedial math (which was beyond humiliating). But I made it through quite easily. Turns out, when I actually tried, I was both good at math and liked it very much.

I graduated Louisiana State University with good grades in Quantitative Business Analysis with an option towards Computer Science. It was all math, with some computer science classes. I loved it. I was hooked. And thus my career began.

Stay tuned….

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