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New Job at Forward Thinking Incapsulate

logoI am VERY excited to announce that 3 weeks ago I accepted a full-time position with Salesforce partner and consulting firm, Incapsulate. Even though they are based out of Washington DC, I will be working 100% remotely from my home in Louisiana.

I have long wanted to work with a team of really sharp developers, like the ones at Incapsulate, because I know that is the best way to really grow as a developer. Unfortunately, all the consulting firms I spoke with were so stuck in the old model of consulting where they expect all consultants to travel quite a lot. The amount of travel varied, but for pretty much all of them, at least 25% was the minimum. That model just does not work for me and so I had to pass on many interesting opportunities.

Fortunately, I finally found a forward thinking company that can think outside of the box. I am now involved in some exciting work with a component-based React application that serves as an interface to Salesforce.

I have no doubt that my experiences at Incapsulate will make any new course I do for Pluralsight that much better. Speaking of,  I am hoping to have another follow-up course to my first Lightning Development course released later this year.

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8 replies

  1. Great Information Sara. Your website is one of the best to get details on lightning. I really enjoyed your Pluralsight course and looking forward to your future courses as well.

    Good wishes for your new opportunity at Incapsulate.

  2. Congratulations, Sara! I’m also looking forward to your next course. You are an EXCELLENT teacher!

  3. Congratulations Sara for your new journey at Incapsulate. Please keep sharing your adventures with Lightning.

  4. Belated Congratulations Sara….
    I have took your Visualforce courses in Lynda. They are amazing.

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