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Introduction to Apex

What is Apex? Apex is an object-oriented, on-demand programming language. It is similar to Java and runs on the platform. Automatically works with any new Salesforce releases and has a built-in framework for testing and deployment. It is case insensitive. Traditional Code Vs. Apex code Traditional code is fully-flexible and can tell the system to do anything, where Apex is governed and can only do what the system allows […]

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On Being a Certified Salesforce Developer


After six very intense weeks of study, I finally cemented my status as a Certified Salesforce Developer on March 9, 2013. As a former Microsoft MCSD, MCDBA and MVP, let me just say that Salesforce sure ain’t giving these things away. The test was VERY tricky and reminded me of the certification tests for Microsoft SQL Server (those were not easy either). The funny part is that if you look […]

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